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Project AD2

February 25, 2009

Since the comeback of Al1enDesigns, my old code has been having a bit of a complication which I’m not entirely sure of the exact cause of, but I’m putting the blame to poor coding style.

At the current time I’m working on approaching my content management system all over again. This time, I’m approaching it from an object oriented angle. I’ve been referring to this little project of mine as AD2.

Progress has been slow at best thus far. I’ve been hacking away on the many problems that have been coming up lately and I seem to be slowly gaining experience with PHP’s style of OOP (as prior to this I’ve only used OOP in C++ and Java).

AD2 OOP Tech Demo

Of course, right now at least, you can’t see what’s really going on, just that it works. Maybe I’ll manage to get some screenshots or class hierarchy information put up for criticism.

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