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[Shana]Preview of my first AMV project

July 30, 2009

Here’s a preview of my aforementioned AMV. 🙂

Someone asked me if I have a deadline for completing the video. Not really, I just want something to work on that feels productive. Up 1:24 of video, that’s the beginning of the song all the way through the part I used as a “preview.” Of course the song is 6:11 so I’ve still got a bit to go before its done.

Its a harder process than I might have assumed, I’ve listened to the song plenty of times and read the lyrics even more now in both Japanese and English trying to find parts that make me “see something” and then I search through all the hours of the video I have to find clips I want. And then there’s the processing… the last few builds actually took a few minutes to encode.

One issue I didn’t expect is that the software I’m using for video doesn’t support playing sound from videos. It supports sound in the videos, it just won’t play it. So I’ve got to open my audio in a separate program to “measure” the music.

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