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Windows 7: Run Command Prompt as Admin

September 14, 2010

Something which has been irking me for a while lately has been the fact that command prompt defaults, like all other programs, to running in non-elevated mode. When I want to run command prompt, I’m used to using [Windows] + R and throwing cmd [Enter] without really paying any attention to what I’m doing. Alas this is an annoyance when I need to do something as mundane as netstat -nb.  Of course my first step was to check if I could set the program to run in admin mode in compatibility – to no avail.

After reading more than I think I really should have needed to for something as simple as this, I’ve finally found two ways which are somewhat convenient for accessing command with admin rights.

  • Type the command into the Start menu’s search box and use [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Enter] to launch the program.
  • Edit a shortcut file to run as an admin. On the shortcut tab’s advanced properties dialog, you have the option to run the specific shortcut as an administrator. Note that if you’re using a shortcut like this you can go as far as even pinning it to your taskbar and the admin setting will continue to work.

As for the time being the shortcut trick is my preferred method of accessing command prompt with admin rights. Of course if anyone wants to share an easier way I’d be glad to hear it…

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